Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hospitality’s Served in Tin Cups

Hospitality's Served in Tin Cups

She’s on a side street of Lakshmipurim,
            here in India,
around the corner from chai wailing wallahs,
and down the street from men working hard as their mules.
Wedged, as India prefers, between rags and rituals;
Not too close to poor, but miles away from money.

She’s just wave of the hand to catch a ride away –
from the marble
American dollar worship
in hotels.

            That hospitality can only open doors,
            he’s paralyzed without pay.

But she is served in small metal cups of rice pudding,
Lumpy but so kind, sugary milk, she welcomes us.

She is in her offering of blue plastic chairs (her finest).
She sits on the floor and smiles and stares
            she brings her family to watch too. So we’re sure they care.

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